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ID Connection is a distributor of Allegion products that include Schlage (formerly aptiQ and XceedID) multi-technology readers and contactless smart cards.

Schlage ​is a subsidiary of Allegion. Allegion specializes in security around the doorway and beyond: everything from residential and commercial locks, door closer and exit devices, steel doors and frames to access control and workforce productivity systems.

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Products from Allegion

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  • xceed id

    Allegion Cards & Credentials - Schlage Prox and Smart...

      Allegion offers reliable and affordable proximity and smart technology cards and credentials for physical and logical access control systems. ID Connection distributes ​Allegion's portfolio of Schlage (formerly XceedID and aptiQ) cards, clamshells, key fobs, tags and wristbands. Schlage Proximity Proximity credentials for facilities with less demanding security needs. XceedID® proximity credentials are ...
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    • MT11

      Allegion Schlage Multi-Technology Readers

        Schlage (formerly aptiQ™) Multi-Technology Readers not only feature cutting-edge security technology, but are transforming basic access control products into all-in-one solutions, providing customers with convenience and options. Each of these sleek readers handle all applicable ISO standards (14443A, 14443B, 15693), are FIPS 201-1 compliant, and are versatile enough to read 125 kHZ ...
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      • PR10

        Allegion Schlage Proximity Readers

          The Schlage (formerly XceedID®) Proximity Reader is ideal for small, proximity-only installations, and features the same attractive styling and design as the Schlage Multi-Technology and Smart Readers. PR10 Mini-Mullion Reader This proximity reader is perfect for a proximity-only access control installation
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        • SM10

          Allegion Schlage Smart Card Readers

            The Schlage (formerly aptiQ™) Smart Reader is ideal for new installations or for facilities that have already transitioned to smart technology.  With the same pleasing aesthetic design, the Schlage Smart Reader fits in seamlessly with the Schlage Multi-Technology Reader line-up.  This small, but powerful reader can also handle all applicable ISO standards (14443A, ...
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          • XceedID readers

            XceedID Legacy Multi-Technology Readers

              XceedID’s multi-technology readers are among the most flexible readers in the industry. One reader can handle all applicable ISO standards (14443). XceedID’s multi-technology readers contain both 125 kHz proximity and 13.56 MHz contactless smart card capability in one unit, which allows you to economically migrate to the latest in smart ...
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            • XceedID readers

              XceedID Legacy Proximity Readers

                XceedID’s proximity technology offers your facility an easy and convenient access control solution. Proximity technology, which operates on 125 kHz frequency, is easily integrated into existing legacy proximity systems or ideal for a new installation. Proximity readers are attractive, cost-effective and well suited for interior and exterior applications. Proximity Readers by ...
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              • XceedID readers

                XceedID Legacy Smart Card Readers

                  XceedID’s contactless smart card readers are among the most secure readers in the industry. Instead of using open transmission protocols, XceedID smart card readers utilize high security data. Each message between the card and reader is digitally signed using Message Authentication Coding (MAC) to ensure the integrity of the data. In addition ...
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