Eyemetric TPASS Visitor Management System

Product ID: T PASS Vendor: Eyemetric

TPASS from Eyemetric is a complete VMS solution designed for school and corporate visitor management applications. T-PASS has a simple to navigate web-based interface with built-in security features that brings the security of visitor management to a whole new level. The optional bio metric enrollment add on that supports fingerprint, iris and face recognition technologies.

Product Features:
  • 100% web-based visitor & identity management system 
  • Designed for a single company to global enterprise deployments 
  • Creates a digital record, including photograph & saved image of the credential the visitor provided as their form of ID
  • Ability to “red flag” visitors who require escorts or are no longer permitted on the premises
  • Customized visitor badge designs support dynamic data field entry on the visitors’ badges
  • Ability to produce a temporary employee badge for forgotten or lost employee ID card
  • Pre-registration of scheduled visits & special events
  • Child daycare feature tracks the custodial rights of parents/guardians authorized to sign a child out of the daycare center
  • Quick creation of a wanted poster of prohibited visitor to send to law enforcement agencies
  • 3rd party interface support for existing ID card & HR management systems
  • 1-button click solution for sending alerts to security personnel
  • Supports biometric technology for fingerprint, face and iris recognition

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