IPVideo HALO IOT Vape Detector & Smart Sensor

Product ID: HALO 2.0 Vendor: IPVideo

The HALO IOT is a multi-sensor that can detect vape, smoke, THC, and sound irregularities such as shouting in areas where cameras aren't allowed. HALO can now monitor air quality for temperature, humidity, dangerous compounds, and more thanks to additional sensors.

Multiple sensors - HALO includes 12 different detection sensors that work together to detect a wide range of data and may be customized in any way. It's the only Vape Detector that can tell you if you're smoking THC.

Designed for air flow - HALO was designed with the flow of air in mind. Because of the unit's architecture, the sensors can detect dangerous compounds more quickly.

Less false alarms - Settings are modified and optimized for the room's environment using many sensors and smart analytics, eliminating false alarms caused by body and disinfectant sprays.

Integrated device - No extra programs are required because HALO connects directly to your security monitor and VMS.​

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