Matica Espresso Printer Supplies - Ribbons, Cleaning Kits

Product ID: Espresso Ribbons Vendor: Matica Corp

Color Ribbons

  • PR000031 - YMCKO Color (250 Yield)
  • PR000032 - YMCKO Color (200 Yield)
  • PR000033 - YMCKOK Color (200 Yield)
  • PR000166 - 1/2 Panel YMCKO (400 Yield)

Monochrome Ribbons

  • PR000165 - KO, Monochrome (600 Yield)
  • PR000034 - Black, Monochrome (2000 Yield)
  • PR000098 - Red, Monochrome (1000 Yield)
  • PR000099 - Green, Monochrome (1000 Yield)
  • PR000100 - Blue, Monochrome (1000 Yield)
  • PR000101 - White, Monochrome (1000 Yield)

Cleaning Supplies

  • PR000196 - Standard Cleaning Kit (5 Sticky Cards & 5 Swabs)
  • PR000197 - Service Cleaning Kit (2 T cards, 2 Sticky Cards & 1 Cleaning Pen)
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