Swiftpro K60D Dual-Sided Retransfer Plastic Card Printer

Product ID: K60D Vendor: Swiftpro

The Swiftpro K60 retransfer card printer offers high-resolution 600 DPI print capability for clear, sharp imagery and impressive public appearance.

  • The Security Erase function (patented) prevents leakage of personal information on the ink ribbon. It scrambles information beyond recognition to protect this data.
  • Dye-sublimation UV printing (256 gradations) also enhances ID card security. A UV printed face is exposed to UV light.
  • For network security, the card printer supports IPSec (IPv6 / IPv4). Encryption protects personal information on a network.
  • Dual InTM film protection INTM2
  • Patch/Overlay layer security
  • Bend Remedy
  • The 600 DPI print resolution allows for printing small characters (microtext) as a security feature.
  • Encoding functionality (magnetic, contact IC, RFID)
  • Laminator connection (single/dual side)
  • Various media substrates and security features available
​​Swiftpro Distributor

ID Connection is a distributor of ​Swiftpro K30D ID card printers. We offer competitive pricing, fast turnaround and nationwide shipment on most ​​Swiftpro products. Contact us or call 888.697.6286 to learn more about our ​​Swiftpro Group distribution.

Part Numbers: 7710001149SP, 7710003L10SS, 7710003L10DS, 7710003046SP, 7710002TWNP, 7710002TWNPI, 7710002O5127, 7710003CECOM, 7710002CF7FU, 7710002CF7B, 7710002250CH, 7710004155SP, 7710004156SP, 7710004157SP, 7710004158SP, 7710004159SP, 771000231251, 7710002CKITA, 7710002210CC, 7710006SPCTF, 7710006CL600, 7710006CL6IC, 7710006SPSTF, 7710006SECJB, 771000601125, 771000201126, 771000201127, 7710002X7600

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