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    Datacard ID Works Visitor Manager Software

      Datacard® ID Works® Visitor Manager software registers guests with a single scan of a government-approved credential, such as a driver’s license or passport. It automatically imports the cardholder’s name, photo and other details, so you can print a visitor ID quickly and cost-effectively — without keying in any information. Streamline visitor ...
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    • HID Global EasyLobby Visitor Management Solution

        HID Global's EasyLobby is a scalable visitor management solution that automates the entire process of registering a visitor, printing a badge and capturing detailed information in seconds by simply electronically scanning an ID.
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      • Jolly Technologies Lobby Track (Standard & Premier)

          A complete tracking solution that allows organizations to register, badge and track visitors at their facilities. With Lobby Track you can: Track visitors or any other group of people Pre-register visitors online Perform automatic and immediate background checks Print expiring paper badge or plastic ID card Select one of the pre-configured ...
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        • PassagePoint EDU

            PassagePoint EDU visitor management was developed for the specific needs of K-12 schools and districts. Visitors and others are easily signed in and given temporary badges to indicate their presence is authorized.  School staff can be sure they have accurate information on child custodial issues. And watch lists can be imported ...
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          • PassagePoint Global

              PassagePoint Global v10 represents a new generation in visitor management software. Now even the most demanding customers can enjoy the benefits of this solution. Integrated security, communications, badging, multi-language support and advanced reporting are all in one package. Control center for central management Customized screen policy List display for vital ...
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