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ID Connection is a distributor of ID card embossers from the industry's top manufacturers. We distribute a broad range of embossers with various features and capabilities. Contact us today to become a reseller of ID card embossers from ID Connection.

Brands: CCS | CIM | Entrust (formerly Datacard) | Matica | NBS

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  • CIM Maxima 861 Plastic Card Embosser

      The Maxima 861 has become a favorite card embosser in Banks and Credit Institutions. It is the ideal solution for medium sized production volumes. Available with special characters for the personalization of international credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard.
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    • Matica Z3e Instant Issuance System

        The Z3e is primarily intended to meet the growing trend for instant, in-store card issuance needs. This embosser features front-side input and out put hoppers making card access easy and cutting down on desk space usage. The new Z3e combines embossing, rear and front indenting and tipping, together with all kinds ...
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      • NBS Advantage 2000

        NBS Advantage 2000 M2/M3 Card Embosser

          The M2 and M3 embossers are both fast and user-friendly embossers that can easily manage heavy card volumes and be configured so that in one quick pass the system can emboss, print, encode and program a smart card. The M2 and M3 embossers can be operated either online from a ...
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